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The Health Risks of Gardening

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By Administrator

Hogweed is a native to Asia and was introduced (by some idiot I’m sure) to New York in 1917, from there it has spread around the NE, into Canada, and also now Michigan:

If you see it, don’t touch it, but make sure you kill it or get someone else to kill it. Dump roundup on it from afar, pour vinegar or boiling water over it, burn it out with a weeding torch (wonderful tool).

But do not touch it.

Ears & Eyes

If you use power tools, you should always protect your ears and eyes. Hearing degrades all throughout our life and you’ll make yours last longer if you remember to protect it from loud noises. That your eyes need protection goes without saying, you don’t want a shard of something in your eye. Always wear appropriate protective gear when using power tools.

This is dou...

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Keukenhof, Holland – the best spring garden in the world?

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By (Charlotte)

Keukenhof opens for just eight weeks each year – from mid-March to mid-May
Is Keukenhof the best spring garden in the world? I’m sure readers will have a view on this. I was lucky enough to visit last week and left with a dizzying array of images depicting the remarkable garden in southern Holland that draws visitors from all over the world. This horticultural mecca opens for just eight weeks each year, but is home to more than seven million bulbs – planted annually – which provide dazzling spring flower displays for the 800,000 visitors who make the pilgrimage to catch a glimpse of the eye candy on offer here between mid-March and mid-May.
More than seven million bulbs are planted annually at Keukenhof
Late March was a little too ear...
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By (Simon Eade)

For those in the know, Japanese flowering cherries are collectively known as ‘Sato zakura’ which means domestic, village or cultivated cherry trees, and as a group they are solely grown for their ornamental qualities. Of course there are many other flowering cherries cultivars that have been developed from northern hemisphere species and these are often erroneously grouped together with Japanese flowering cherries. However for the purpose of this article only the true ‘Sato zakura’ are considered.

Japanese flowering cherries have been extensively bred for over a thousand of years and so its not surprising that a huge number of cultivated varieties exist, most are of...

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Stop! Don’t Prune That Grass (How to Prune Ornamental Grasses Right)

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By Genevieve

(Article originally appeared in Fine Gardening Magazine)

Most of us know what to do with our big grasses that go dormant each winter: Grab a bungee cord, tie the grass up, and use an electric hedge trimmer to buzz the column of foliage to the ground. But what about those tricky grasses that are evergreen or ones that have a ground-hugging habit? When and how do you prune those garden staples that don’t fit neatly into the “large and goes dormant” category? If you are hesitant to treat your sedge the same as your maiden grass, it’s for good reason.

Unconventional grassy plants can’t be trimmed using generalized pruning rules. They require special timing and techniques on your part to look their best...

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