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By (Simon Eade)

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There are few plants that can compete with the spectacle of a camellia in full flower. Bright, showy flowers set against a background of glossy dark-green leaves, nothing else can come close to it on a sunny spring afternoon. Of course, I am deliberately ignoring all Magnolia species and cultivars for the purpose of this article.

So long as the soil is right then the plant itself is as tough as old boots and will look ‘fresh-out-the-box’ throughout its life.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to camellia flowers as their early flowering can come at the cost of damage from cold, wet and frosty weather.

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By (Matt Mattus)

A hybrid Japanese selection of Primula malacoides with wider petals and a more colorul eye. This strain from Sakata Seed, is more floriferous than wild collected seed, but each have their qualities, be they delicate and twiggy, or full of blossoms and fragrant.
How about some fragrant primroses to take away some of these winter blues? OK, it’s snowing again today here, a soft, gentle snow, the sort of snow that if this was November, we would be humming Christmas carols and thinking about the Holidays – but it is March, and with night-time temps dipping just below zero (-2 last night), I think we all deserve a little primrose therapy...
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